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At DISR Group we focus on helping you use events to achieve your strategic business goals.  We take your event inspiration and bring it to life.  Our team members are corporate meeting and event planning experts who manage every detail so that your event is flawless.




Planning your upcoming event for your organization requires the expertise of seasoned event professionals. At DISR Group we have the knowledge and experience to insure your success from business meetings to community sponsored and corporate events. We are experts in event management, organization and onsite execution. We have helped corporations foster strong relationships with their employees, business associates, community partners and their consumer audiences.




Event planning for corporate events requires the full understanding of logistics, entertainment, audio &  visual, assembly, staffing, catering, presentations, social engagement and the marketing leading up to and following up after your event. We’ll handle all the logistics associated with your event for maximum results. Additionally, Event Marketing is right in our wheel-house from creating event websites to creation of programs including speakers, agenda, social media, venue and registration.




Our team of corporate event planners have the full scope of skills needed to organize and manage the full spectrum of events. Whether it be small scale private meetings, or large scale community sponsored events.  Our corporate planning team are veterans in planning conferences, annual award ceremonies, social events, team building activities, business development events and annual company meetings. Work with DISR Group to maximize attendance and provide a memorable experience for your audience.



Event planning costs vary greatly based on the type of event, the role that we play and the extent of services we provide. We will sit down with you to understand the intent of your event and business goals to determine the appropriate scope and a proposed budget that meets your needs.  Call us to set up a FREE event review and planning consultation. 

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